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Reportáž o průběhu ústředního kola soutěže Bible a my můžete sledovat ve čtvrtek 17. března v 19:30 v televizi Noe v pořadu Noeviny.

Na Radiu Proglas se informace o soutěži objevila v pořadu Barvínek (repríza bude v sobotu 2. dubna v 9:30).

Informace o soutěži přinesl také Katolický týdeník.

Katolický týdeník

Katolický týdeník

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Follow this timeline as canada goose outlet 2015 a basis so

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“ Robinson said Weinstein hired ex intelligence agents to

Grand jury to consider drug charge against Rose McGowan

Actress Rose McGowan says the cocaine found in her Chanel wallet left behind on a United Airlines flight isn’t hers. Her Replica Bags lawyers have suggested the drugs purse replica handbags were planted.

high quality replica bags Nevertheless, McGowan could face indictment in Virginia on a felony drug possession charge after Replica Handbags a judge found probable cause Thursday to send the case to a grand jury. high quality replica bags

She has suggested in court high quality replica handbags papers that the drugs may have been planted by agents hired by disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. McGowan was among the first actresses to accuse Weinstein of sexual assault. Weinstein has denied rape allegations. McGowan and others say Weinstein aggressively sought to discredit his accusers.

bag replica high quality At Thursday’s hearing, McGowan’s lawyers presented no evidence that the drugs may have been planted. Instead, they simply argued that at least several hours elapsed between the time McGowan left the plane and it was found by a cleaning Designer Fake Bags crew in the first class section of a United Airlines cabin. They said it was impossible to account for who may have handled the wallet replica handbags china replica bags during that time. bag replica high quality

„There is no evidence Ms. McGowan was aware of the Fake Handbags presence of cocaine“ in her aaa replica designer handbags wallet, defense lawyer Jessica Carmichael argued.

Carmichael also suggested McGowan was facing increased legal scrutiny because she’s famous.

replica wallets „She may be a public figure but she’s a person just like the rest of us,“ Carmichael said. replica wallets

buy replica bags In a statement after Thursday’s hearing, another of McGowan’s lawyers, Jennifer replica Purse Robinson, said plainly, „There was no cocaine in her wallet when it was last in her possession.“ buy replica bags

designer replica luggage General District Judge Dean Worcester said the legal standard for establishing probable cause cheap replica handbags to send Handbags Replica the case to a grand jury is low, and that arguments about planted evidence are better suited for trial. He noted that the drugs weren’t just found on the floor of the cabin but in a wallet with McGowan’s driver’s license. designer replica luggage

good quality replica bags Detective Jarrod Hughes testified at the hearing that he called McGowan to inform her that her wallet had been found. He said Designer Replica Bags McGowan asked if she could pick it up at the airport’s baggage claim. He said when he informed McGowan she would have to pick it up at the police station, she said she would come by to get it but never did. good quality replica bags

„When she was told it was at the police station, all of the Wholesale Replica Bags sudden she did not want to pick it up,“ prosecutor Rebecca Thacher said.

best replica bags online McGowan attended the hearing, replica handbags online holding Replica Bags Wholesale hands with her lawyers as she entered the courthouse. She did not testify. Asked for comment after the hearing, she said only that it was good wholesale replica designer handbags to be back in Virginia. best replica bags online

buy replica bags online Jennifer Robinson, another of McGowan’s lawyers, said after the KnockOff Handbags hearing that „Rose is a brave whistleblower who Replica Designer Handbags has been the subject of a vicious vilification campaign by one of the most powerful men, in the most powerful industries in this country.“ Robinson said Weinstein hired ex intelligence agents to investigate McGowan and undermine her credibility. buy replica bags online

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replica bags buy online A grand jury will hear the case June 11. While it is possible the grand jury could choose not to indict, in all likelihood she will face an arraignment in circuit court June 12 replica bags buy online.

The fans who never left, who wear T shirts that read still

My four days at sea with New Kids on the Block and 3000 everlasting fans

I AM STANDING ON THE TOP DECK of a Carnival cruise ship, which has just shoved off from the Port of New Orleans, headed down the Mississippi River toward the Gulf of Mexico, and all around me, surrounding a stage erected next to the swimming pool, is a sea of 3,000 ex teenage girls vibrating with excitement.

cheap jordans sale Any moment now the New Kids on the cheap adidas Block are going to appear, and then they not going to leave for the next four days, and we all going to sail to Cozumel, Mexico, and back. cheap jordans sale

cheap jordans in china I getting excited for the New Kids, too, which is kind of why I Cheap jordans on this boat, and in that moment a woman standing next to me becomes the first of many who will ask me that question, point blank: Why are you here? cheap jordans in china

cheap jordans on sale When she hits me with the question, it is not an interrogation. She can quite figure out what a 41 year old guy is doing all alone on the New Kids on the Block Cruise. So I tell her my New Kids story, which I now mature enough to admit. cheap nike shoes cheap jordans on sale

cheap jordans shoes I spent half of my life pretending to hate the New Kids on the Block. It was more or less required. Boys did not like the New Kids; that wasn how it worked. Girls liked the New Kids on the Block, and boys mocked the New Kids on the Block, because that what boys do when they jealous. cheap jordans shoes

cheap nike shoes I was in the seventh grade when four boys from Dorchester and one from Jamaica Plain became the Biggest Band in the World seemingly overnight, and living in Boston put me in the epicenter of what quickly became a global mania. The girls in my school lost their minds. They had New Kids T shirts and New Kids pillowcases and New Kids buttons on their Esprit bags, and they stood at their lockers spraying Aqua Net on their huge hair while staring at the dreamy pictures of Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight they had cut out of Tiger Beat and taped all over their doors. And every one of them had some story about how they actually knew the New Kids, or their cousin knew them, or they saw Joey McIntyre hanging out at the Li Peach in Jamaica Plain because I totally sure Joey Joe is just hanging out at a convenience store when he not being a global pop star. cheap nike shoes

The whole thing was deafening, and in the roar, my job was to pretend to hate the entire thing, because that how tween politics works: The fact that I know all the words to their songs? That is because you stupid girls will not stop playing them. I only butchering the high notes in Don Go Girl to show what a wuss Joey is for being able to nail them. The time I spend endlessly watching the Hangin Tough VHS tape with four other boys so we can learn the dance routine for Favorite Girl and perform it in the annual end of summer lip synch contest? That because we making fun of them. Der. There no way we actually like the New Kids. The New Kids had apparently reunited a fact that had happily escaped me and were playing that night at the Garden. My brother wanted to go.

cheap air jordan nuts, I told him, dusting off my old act. am not going to the New Kids. cheap air jordan

cheap jordans from china just bought four tickets. We going. It was 99 percent women, and they were all dressed up in their old gear, and there was an electricity in the building like nothing I felt before. They were playing old clips of the boys running around the streets of Boston, and I started to get little nostalgia bumps on my arms. Then the show began, and Donnie came out on stage and yelled and I thought the building was going to collapse. I was screaming. Everyone was screaming. When the opening bars of Right Stuff started playing, I was dancing like a fool, singing every word, no longer pretending that I hated the New Kids on the Block. cheap jordans from china

cheap jordans china I went to their show at Fenway a few years later, and then again last summer in both instances, I was the one who bought the tickets and people there for the time of their lives and as I stood in the grandstand at Fenway in July, looking out at the vibrating hordes of ex teenage girls, I realized that I did not exactly love the New Kids on the Block, at least not in the way of the diehard fans. No, what I was finally old enough to admit was that I have always been fascinated by the New Kids. For my generation, they have always been something larger than just a boy band. They were a symbol of something, of innocence and youthful dreaminess and unapologetic fun. This was true in seventh grade. And it is even truer cheap jordans sale now, because what amazing is that there is still a now for the New Kids on the Block. Oh, yes, there is definitely a now. cheap jordans china

Cheap jordans so, as a journalist, I tell the Australian woman who didn know she was going to get such a long answer, started poking around to try to figure out how I could tell the story of the New Kids on the Block now, and everyone kept telling me I cheap Air max shoes had to go on the cruise. So here I am. Cheap jordans

cheap jordan sneakers THE FOLLOWING MORNING AT 6 O I am standing in the same spot on the deck, watching the sun rise over the Gulf of Mexico. The only other people awake are a handful of women still up from the night before, still wearing the old prom dresses they had donned for the Blockhead Ball. Their dresses do not look so great in the early light. cheap jordan sneakers

I had intended to go to the ball. I really had. But after the opening show and then New Kids Jeopardy! in the ship theater and then the formal dinner in the dining room where I was shocked to learn that the ball didn start until 11 and went until 4 I had lied to myself and my dinner companions and said I was just going to take a little nap before the party. But I too old to pull that off, just as I too old to pull an all nighter, and so there I am, well rested, wondering how all these middle aged moms, not to mention the New Kids themselves who are pushing 50 are going to sustain this pace for three more nights, because the parties only go later and later.

cheap adidas So I stand there at dawn, having the deep thoughts one does at that hour, trying to piece together what I seen on day one, which is not what I had expected to see. cheap adidas

I was expecting the ship to be full of moms with mortgages who got their girlfriends together for a silly 40th birthday trip, and wouldn it be funny if we went on that New Kids on the Block Cruise thing. I used to have such a crush on Jordan Knight.

cheap Air max shoes And there is that. But it the minority. This is not a nostalgia trip. This is a ship full of very active cheap jordans from china Blockheads. The fans who never left, who wear T shirts that read still love the New Kids, who argue in online forums and know every bit of gossip and know everything Joey McIntyre posts on Twitter, who go back to their rooms during downtime and watch the 24/7 New Kids television channel that is playing on the ship cable system. I see tons of New Kids tattoos, including one woman with an elaborate image of Joey McIntyre covering her entire forearm. And they save their money, because this is not a cheap event, and they come on this cruise every year. If you cram in with others in an interior room, you can get on board for about $900 including taxes and fees. But most of the women I talk with have happily spent closer to $1,500 for the cruise, not counting the booze and the latest New Kids merch and the airfare from as far away as Japan and Germany and Chile and England, all for their chance to spend four days this close to the boys who were and still are their ultimate. cheap Air max shoes

cheap jordans online cheap jordans in china One thing I hear repeatedly is how the New Kids timed their reunion perfectly. They waited until their fans were old enough to have enough money to misbehave like kids again. cheap jordans online

But what surprises me most is something else, which I can feel right away when the boys first take the stage, something a woman from Hammond, Louisiana, puts into words when I happen to sit next to her at dinner.

cheap jordans free shipping not sexual, Dee Dee Becker says. hard to explain. But when I hear one of their songs or see them, I get emotional. I cry. It hard to explain. It nostalgic but… she pauses and puts her hand on her heart… it just love. (The band, I should note, performs a few of their own songs over the course of the cruise, but the cruise is mainly a big party.) Joey McIntyre is wearing a V neck T shirt, khaki shorts, and comfortable boat shoes. Later, at Jeopardy!, they take a little dance interlude, and Joey sneaks up behind Danny Wood and lifts his shirt to show off Danny abs, which are impressive, and everyone woohoos. But it all kind of a joke, and Danny looks slightly embarrassed, as if he knows this is all silly now, and that is what makes it fun. It an adult form of being young. Everyone is in on the joke, especially Jon Knight. cheap jordans free shipping

cheap air force You are required to choose a favorite New Kid, and I ready to announce for Jon, who has always been the least visible of the guys, and the least interested. His shtick is cheap jordans china that he is so over being a New Kid. He refuses to do that hip thrusting move in their dance routines. He just stands there while the rest do it. And during Jeopardy! where the band takes on five fans in New Kids trivia he can wait to get off the stage, at one point interjecting this after a question a fan had answered about a lyric from a 1994 song: a New Kid, and even I didn know that. cheap jordan sneakers cheap air force

cheap yeezys I AM STANDING IN A VERY LONG LINE of very dressed up women who are waiting for their chance to take a group photo with the band. Each group must have 10 people, two per New Kid, and there are lots of women holding up signs cheap jordans on sale that say need two Dannys or Joey. The line snakes nearly the entire length of the ship, and the band shows up an hour late for the photo shoot, but no one seems to care, because no one has anywhere else to go, because we all trapped on a boat. cheap yeezys

I inching along with a 41 year old woman from California named Barbara Kasman, whom I met the previous day, and she telling me her New Kids story, which is very long and sad and involves a tough upbringing and the sudden death of her husband. After he died, while she was cleaning out his things, she found boxes of her New Kids memorabilia sheets, dolls, magazines which led to her going to see a reunion show, which led to her learning about the cruise, which she first went on in 2015. was experiencing PTSD because of my husband death, and I just knew I had to go on the cruise, and I have never felt as free as when Donnie Wahlberg gave his speech at the beginning. Donnie always opens the cruise with an oath about sharing and spreading love. was on a cloud. It not just a party for me. Not a dad bod on them. Well maybe on Jon, but that why he my favorite New Kid. As I shake Donnie hand, I weirdly say, for having me, because I don know what else to say. And he looks at me genuinely and says, man. Thanks for coming. I old enough to admit how endearing cheap jordans free shipping it is to revisit all this teenage nonsense in adulthood. One thing that makes me smile over and over is the way the cheap yeezys fans decorate their cabin doors with New Kids photos, just like cheap jordans shoes they did with their high school lockers.

DID I SAY ENDEARING? Well, mostly endearing. First, there were the guys on the ship. Based on my head count at the lifeboat drill, it was about 1 in 20, and a couple cheap jordans china of them were there solely to take advantage of those odds. This included a crew from Scotland that goes on the cruise every year and is notorious in the NKOTB world. I not sure if that creepy or genius. It probably both.

And there were definitely a few women you had to keep an eye on, because when you think of the fact that this is the New Kids cruise, which naturally draws the most rabid New Kids fans on the planet, there cheap jordans for sale are bound to be a few psychos. There is still security around the band, still women trying to sneak backstage, still women who fully believe that if they can just get a few minutes of alone time with Jordan, then he will fall in love with them and they have babies together. There is a reason that, beyond the scheduled events, the band is nowhere to be seen. The guys aren lounging by the pool. They in their rooms in a blocked off section of the ship.

cheap jordans for sale These fans are the minority, but when you see it, it is uncomfortable, and the most uncomfortable moment of my cruise comes on the third night, after we spent the day cheap jordans online in Cozumel and turned back toward home. The band doesn exactly perform during the nightly parties. They have microphones and dance along to a DJ, and they pull women up on stage and dance with them. That sort of thing. Mingle with the crowd. Pose for selfies cheap jordans for sale.

Defensively, there aren many better

your NRL club rated

The story so far: Even Craig Bellamy admitted the Billy Slater comeback could have gone either way. cheap jordans from china After the best part of two years out Bellamy wondered if the game might have passed the champion fullback by, which potentially could have proved awkward for team selection and game planning. The opposite has been true. Slater hasn lost any pace or power and cheap adidas his timing and positioning have gradually returned. His comeback has been cheap jordans for sale like a metaphor for the whole Storm machine which has powered to the top of the ladder, ignoring Father Time.

cheap air jordan The star: Cameron Smith. Like his mate in the No.1 jersey, Smith has confounded the expectation that he would start to slow with age and has been arguably the best player in the competition over the first nine rounds. cheap air jordan

cheap Air max shoes The surprise packet: Felise Kaufusi. Charged with filling the yawning gap left on an edge by Kiwis star cheap jordans online Kevin Proctor, this 24 year old back rower has done the job without fuss. Already he grabbed the attention of Queensland coach Kevin Walters who has spoken about him as a possible inclusion cheap nike shoes this year. He leads the Storm for one on cheap air jordan one tackles and has scored three tries. cheap Air max shoes

Needs a lift: Cooper Cronk. Really tough on the halfback but look across the Storm side and there not too many who aren playing out of their skins. Cronk won the Dally M Medal last year and simply hasn got back to that standard so far this season. If he starts playing his absolute best the Storm will be nearly unstoppable for the title.

The stat: Four points clear after nine rounds, a feat only one other team has achieved in the NRL era Melbourne in their 2012 premiership season.

cheap jordans shoes Crystal ball: The Storm will be tested over the representative period and in the run home but with all their experience, no team is cheap jordans free shipping better equipped to deal with it. Pencil them in for a top two finish. cheap jordans shoes

cheap nike shoes The story so far: After losing their first choice half to an ACL injury, Paul McGregor rolled the dice on a teenage rookie. Jai Field looks every bit the future playmaker but when an injury opened the door for Josh McCrone, the Dragons found the missing ingredient. With Josh Dugan and Gareth Widdop living up to the hype, Paul Vaughan and Tim Lafai rediscovering form and Jack de Belin and Joel Thompson having career seasons, the Red V have been on a roll. With a hardened defensive edge and attacking flair, McGregor has taken a struggling team and transformed them into premiership contenders in a matter of months. cheap nike shoes

The star: Gareth Widdop. The skipper lifted in an off contract year. Without having to juggle duties with Benji Marshall in the halves, the English star is back to his best. He competing on every play, kicking for the corners and exploiting his brilliant running game. While an injury has put him on the sidelines, the fans have plenty to cheer about when the No.6 is on the paddock.

Cheap jordans The surprise packet: Take your pick. Cameron McInnes, Jack de Belin and Paul Vaughan have all surprised this season. McInnes went from a NSW Cup hooker at South Sydney to an explosive weapon. McInnes has now put himself in the conversation for an Origin start. Cheap jordans

Needs a lift: Josh McCrone. While the No.7 has done a classy job alongside Widdop early in the year, with his halves partner injured he needs to step up. Off contract this season, the 30 year old has taken his chance in the top grade with both hands but now cheap jordan sneakers he needs to prove he more than just a handy back up.

cheap adidas The stat: Breathing fire in attack. The Dragons have already scored 39 tries in 2017 (equal most with Manly) and have the best completion rate of any team. Last year they scored just 58 tries in the entire season. Also sitting equal first in linebreaks made, and second in run metres. cheap adidas

Crystal ball: The Origin period will be interesting for the club with several of their stars set to cheap jordans in china feature for the Blues. If they can manage to push through with a handful of wins, a top four finish is a realistic goal.

The story so far: They may sit third on the NRL ladder but Cronulla season can best be described as hot and cold. The reigning premiers cheap air force have scored convincing wins over top eight contenders Canberra, Melbourne and Parramatta, but they lost to the Dragons, Broncos and Titans, and only scraped home by a field goal against Newcastle. It safe to say they been less than convincing over the opening nine rounds of the season as they defend their 2016 title.

cheap jordans on sale The star: Valentine Cheap jordans Holmes. He running third in the competition for metres gained per game (171) and his form has kept his spot in Mal Meninga Kangaroos side. The switch to fullback is reaping rewards. cheap jordans on sale

cheap jordans free shipping The surprise packet: Jayden Brailey. We knew this kid was going to be good, but not many people would have thought he would be this good, this quickly. The 21 year old rookie has stepped into the boots of premiership veteran Michael Ennis and performed the role admirably. Once he starts playing 80 minutes, he be an absolute weapon. cheap jordans free shipping

Needs a lift: Andrew Fifita. The barnstorming prop is well down in running metres per game, tackle busts, and offloads compared to his past two seasons. He also conceding more penalties.

cheap jordans in china The stat: Discipline lacking. The Sharks have the worst completion rate of any team in 2017, and have conceded the most penalties. Even with these invitations to their opponents they have managed to concede the fewest tries and the second fewest linebreaks and metres. cheap jordans in china

cheap yeezys Crystal ball: Cronulla will play finals but on current form will more than likely drop out of the top four, and will fall short of another grand final. cheap yeezys

cheap jordan sneakers The story so far: Wayne Bennett was accused of losing his aura. If he lost, it didn cheap jordans sale go far. down the crack of the lounge perhaps? Or just maybe it never went at all. The Broncos have been firing this season. Even with talk if Bennett losing the playing group and the news Ben Hunt will leave at the end of the season for the Dragons. While some of their players like Anthony Milford had a slow start to the year, they found form and look every bit the premiership contender. cheap jordan sneakers

The star: Andrew McCullough. The hooker has taken his game to the next level this season. Having developed some handy kicking options into his game, the 27 year old averages 110 kick metres per game. Defensively, there aren many better. McCullough leads the competition in average tackles per game (51.4).

The surprise packet: Korbin cheap jordans sale Sims. He left Newcastle in search of security, a fresh start and finals footy. He got all three. He also become a starter and pushing for an Origin berth. The 25 year old time at the Knights was far from memorable but he quickly making up for lost time with some big efforts up the middle. He crossed the stripe three times this season and averaging 77 metres from an average of 37 minutes per game.

cheap jordans from china Needs a lift: Anthony Milford. The playmaker has long been touted as being the game next superstar. Having a wealth of potential to draw on, the No.6 has had a slow start to the year and newapplemall struggle for consistency. cheap jordans from china

cheap jordans online The stat: Safety first. The Broncos have the fewest number of incomplete sets of any team in their own half, averaging just 1.8 per game. It no surprise then they make more run metres than any other team. cheap jordans online

cheap jordans china Crystal ball: The path they on is the one they continue to walk. They in the top four and there no reason they can finish there and challenge for the title. cheap jordans china

cheap air force The star: Mitchell Pearce. The classy halfback was the club best player during their early winning run, and it prompted calls for Laurie Daley to recall him to the NSW side. He holds the key to the Roosters premiership hopes. cheap air force

cheap jordans sale The surprise packet: Luke Keary. His form at South Sydney last year was way down and he was even relegated to the bench at times. But it took barely two games for commentators to start labelling him the buy of cheap yeezys the year. His combination with Pearce in the halves has been electric. cheap jordans sale

cheap jordans for sale Needs a lift: Latrell Mitchell. He one of the game best young players but Trent Robinson has opted to leave him out of the side for the past three weeks. His form was down prior to being dropped but whether there other cheap jordans on sale factors at play is unclear to the public. cheap jordans for sale

The stat: Defence on the improve. The Roosters have conceded the third fewest points and tries so far in 2017, and have conceded over 18 points just twice, a big improvement on last year, when they conceded over 18 points in 17 of their 24 matches.

Crystal cheap jordans china ball: The Roosters will finish top four and have two bites of the cherry come finals. Don be surprised if they make it all the way to the big dance.

It is a MASSIVE fic, that has been updating about 1000 words

Singapore is a relentlessly G rated experience, micromanaged by a state that has the look and feel of a very large corporation. If IBM had ever bothered to actually possess a physical country, that country might have had a lot in common with Singapore. There a certain white shirted constraint, an absolute humorlessness in the way Singapore Ltd.

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Canada Goose Jackets If you can handle self inserts, there a FANTASTIC fanfic for Young Justice called „With This Ring“.It is a MASSIVE fic, that has been updating about 1000 words canada goose outlet sale a night since 2014. Features an SI that ends up with a power ring, but no power battery, and ends up on „The Team“ of Young Justice. And diverges from Canon pretty quickly, even accounting for „Self Insert“ drift. Canada Goose Jackets

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